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About Shar Pei

The Sharpei is an ancient breed from an ancient land, perhaps related to the smooth-coated Chow Chow and the Tibetan Mastiff. The breed developed in the southern provinces of China as a working companion of farmers and peasants who needed a cattle herder, guardian, and hunting helpmate. His loose skin, nettlesome coat, and small ears protected him in battles, characteristics that unfortunately gained him favour as a fighting dog.
During the Han Dynasty some 2000 years ago, traders opened China to the West and to mastiff-type dogs that outweighed the Sharpei and attracted the attention of fight promoters, so the breed's fighting career was cut short. The Sharpei returned to his peasant roots to guard hearth and home for several centuries. After World War II, Communism took over in China, and dogs were considered a luxury that took food from the mouths of babes. Taxes on pets thinned their ranks, and by 1950, the breed was in big trouble.

The Sharpei is a compact, square, muscular dog with a blocky head that brings a hippopotamus to mind, tiny ears that lie against the head, and a short, curled tail. They have a deep chest, a top-line that dips slightly behind the withers and rises slightly over the loin. Their feet are compact and his pasterns strong and flexible for shock absorption when he moves.
The Sharpie’s coarse, bristly coat gives him his name: Shar is a gritty type of sand, and pei is Chinese for dog. The distinctive coat comes in two types – horse and brush. The horse coat is very short and harsh; the hair is straight and stands off from the body and can cause an irritating rash in some people. The brush coat is longer than the horse coat, but is just as harsh.
Wrinkles vary from line to line in the breed. Puppies are more wrinkled than adults; when the dog is full-grown, the heavy folds are gathered on the head, neck, and legs.

The Sharpei is dignified, calm, and confident, aloof with strangers. These characteristics can make the Sharpei harder to train unless he is well socialised as a pup and taught early that the human word is law in the household. Once convinced of your superiority, the Sharpei will accept his place in the order and be a dependable, devoted companion and child's playmate.
This is a people oriented breed, so when looking for a pup, make sure the breeder gives her dogs plenty of human contact.

Health and care
The wrinkly skin and deep-set eyes give the Sharpei some health problems that could discourage prospective owners. The breed is susceptible to entropion and ectropion, two malformations of the eyelids. Ectropion causes the lid to turn outward, exposing the eye to irritation and injury. Entropion rolls the eyelid inward, causing irritation from lashes. Untreated, the lashes can cause ulcers on the eye. Both conditions are corrected by surgery.
Various mouth and ear problems also occur in the breed. Tiny ear canals and folded ear flaps limit air circulation in the ear and can lead to infections. Ear odour and shaking the head or pawing at the ear are indications of infection; owners should check ears frequently so that these symptoms don't get started.
Allergies such as and fleas can cause dermatitis or skin irritation, which becomes infected as the dog licks, scratches, and bites at his skin




we come in a variety of colors, coat lengths and sizes. My hair length can be horsecoat, brushcoat or bearcoat.




 Information sable,fawn, red/fawn, red, cream, apricot, chocolate, blue, lilac, isabella, or black. I sometimes have a patterned color and I can also be flowered. I can also be a Standard Shar Pei or Miniature Shar Pei.


Although some of these colors, sizes and coat lengths are not acceptable for the VCA conformation show ring, I am still a purebred Chinese Shar Pei with all the most important qualities – loving, devoted and loyal to my family.


I am usually very wrinkled as a puppy, but grow into most of my wrinkles as an adult. I'm very intelligent and can sometimes be a little stubborn. I can be rather reserved with strangers, but with proper socialization as a puppy, I am dignified, confident and calm.


It is very important to make sure I am socialized early, trained correctly, and provided with quality food. I also need lots of love. So be sure that you purchase me from people who understand my needs and can help with information and answer all your questions.



I'm also described as:Good with children,A devoted and loyal companion,Require little grooming


  • Good with other pets when raised withthem from puppyhood ,Easy to train 

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